Your Top 10 Business Checklist

Please read the checklist below (download and print out if you wish)

This checklist is design to help you to stay on track, and make sure you get together with your sponsoring Executive or your Ruby Team leader within the first 48 hours after you join the business to set your own business strategy and get off to a flying start.

1. Make sure you are using ALL the products contained in your Business Package purchased when you joined Nu Skin.

2. Set an appointment within the first 48 hours to do your personal “Getting Started” planning session. During this session you will be working on your goals and how to achieve them. Our goal is to get you a positive financial return in your new business within 30 to 90 days.

Only about 2 out of every hundred people know precisely what they desire from life and have a workable plan for attaining their goals. These are the people who are leaders. They have found the success that has made life pay off on their terms.

The strangest thing about these people is that they have the same amount of opportunities as those who have never achieved success. If you know exactly what you want and have absolute belief in your ability to get it, you can achieve success. If you are not sure what you want from your life start now! Start this very second and decide definitely what you want, how much of it you want and when you want to have it in your possession.                                                                                                                                                                                                       To access a great template (you can download to your computer and and print out etc) to assist you to develop clear business goals and develop your own  Main Purpose Statement CLICK HERE

3.   Set up your monthly 100+ point ADR – ADR stands for Automatic Delivery Program with Rewards, and is a highly convenient way to order your personal use products at a 5% discount below wholesale as well as 20 – 30% in FREE products!

4.   Go through the materials in your Business Replication Package (if you did not receive one from your sponsor when joining CLICK HERE to view and order these packs bill, link to the business tools post in resource area here please

5.    Set a date for your first “Launch” meeting, this will showcase your new business to your contacts and let them see both the products and the business potential. Your sponsoring executive or Ruby will assist you with the first few events so don’t feel alone, you will be supported through these first steps until you are ready to “fly solo”.

6.    Make list of contacts – starting with at least 200. This is your database and your objective is to add 15 new contacts per week. Sit with your sponsor and they will assist you in developing your list and also help you begin contacting them, for some quick tips on what to say ask your sponsor to review the inviting Scripts in the Fast Start Workbook (available at your 1st Fast Start Training event).

7.    Schedule 5 Models for demo’s in the next 72 hours, to be done with sponsor. From those 5 demo’s set up the new customers with their spa’s and adr’s and also set up the new distributors with their business in a box and adr.
Continue to invite minimum of 3 – 5 models per week to have demos and show them the money.

8.   You can only recommend what you have used and believe in. Using a wider range of the products also builds your confidence and knowledge and will lead to much greater initial and long term success. Ask your sponsor for a product orientation/training.
Click Here to view a list of products

9.   Watch the Getting Started Video on One team Global
Click Here to watch these videos now (as per step 1)

10.   Make sure to attend the next available Fast Start Training (normally done monthly on Saturday morning), this is critical to understanding and following the well proven system 7 approach to building your team.
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