Growing Your Business

Now it’s time to Grow Your Business… here are some great tools and resources for you!

Step Tracker – Vital to track your progress each week, in Nu Skin you are your own boss and that means you need to be accountable to yourself by tracking exactly what activities (and results) you achieve every week.

This will help keep you on target and also show you where any challenges arise so you can discuss them with your Executive or Ruby team leader and improve results.

The Step Tracker

The Step Tracker assists you in staying focused on business activities that lead to volume.  Step Tracker works on a point system.  You should reach a minimum of 4 points each day.  Points are directly connected to business building activities.  For each new prospect you add to your list, you can give yourself 1 point.  For each appointment you set, you can give yourself 2 points.  For every presentation that you give that is 3 points.  And for each customer or distributor you enroll you can give yourself 4 points.

# COMP = # number completed

Click Here to Download the Weekly Step Tracker below